• Increase level of imaan through greater understanding of Islam.
  • Understand the Islamic commands and its prohibitions and their reasons.
  • Develop greater appreciation of Islam and become proud to be a muslim.
  • Develop love of Allah, the Prophet, and the Quran
  • Develop spirituality and practice as they learn Islamic rules & etiquette.
  • Instill conscience: loving goodness & hating evils.
  • Develop enough knowledge to be able to successfully guide others to Islam.


  • Be a good role model for the children, and practice what we teach and preach.
  • Teach the Qur’an memorization and recitation classes into smaller subgroups.
  • Start and end the class with dua, and create an Islamic atmosphere in the class.
  • Create interest by brain storming what they already know about the topic.
  • Teach the topic thru lecture, interactive sessions, and practice exercises.
  • Relate the topic with real life situations relevant in todays world.
  • Encourage relevant questions, derive conclusions and lessons from topic.
  • Follow up with homework assignments to continue learning till next session.
  • Periodic Assessment and Review of topics for better and deeper understanding.