MCWS School Procedures


1. The on-line registration for the new school year will be accepted during the scheduled times, as advertised on the MCWS Bulletin Board, its Website, its Newsletter, and the Masjid announcements.

2. After the specified registration time, registration will only be accepted with $50 late fees. After MCWS School starts, the School Administration reserves the right to deny registration. Children moving into Canton will be accepted after the deadline, only if space is available. 3. If the parent withdraws a child after the registration deadline, then a $50 processing fee will be retained.

Breakfast and Lunch

The child should have breakfast before coming to school, and bring in a water bottle either with them. They should bring lunch with them, or some money to buy Pizza lunch ($1.50 per slice + soft drink).

Student Pick-up AFTER Dhuhr Prayer

All child(ren) will be dismissed from the Sunday School AFTER the Dhuhr salaah. Parents must pick the children up from the gym area in a timely manner. Children will NOT leave the building without a responsible adult, and will not wait outside by the curb. If Parents need to pick them up EARLY, they will be required to sign their child out on the Early Dismissal Log located in the MCWS Office.

Absence from School

To encourage perfect attendance and homework, we award our students two points/school days: one point for participating fully during class, and one point for completing the homework assignment. When an absence is unavoidable, parents are requested to come and pick up their child (ren)’s class/homework assignments from their class teachers, and NOT expect it to be emailed to them. Children not completing their homework, arriving late, or misbehaving in class may lose part of that day’s points for the class. A child securing <50% of the total points (including classwork, homework & quizzes) may be repeating the same level next year.

Student Rules and Guidelines

1. It is mandatory for students to arrive on time and attend the assembly. Late arrivals will sign-in the Late Arrival Student Log, before going to their classrooms. Students will come fully prepared for class with necessary learning material; they must not disturb the class, nor leave the classroom without a Hall Pass.

2. Islamic dress code of modesty must be observed by all students. Girls over 9 should wear loose pants or skirts, long & loose full sleeve tops, and a hijab. Boys’ pants should also be loose, and shorts must be well below the knee, so it does not to ride up while sitting in the masjid.

3. They must observe proper Islamic behavior and attitude towards their schoolmates, teachers and administrative staff. They must respect the property of others and must not take or damage any belongings of school or other students. They will have serious consequences for any such action.

4. Materials such as radios, tape recorders, electronic games, etc. are not allowed on school premises, and, if found, will be confiscated. Smoking, buying and selling, carrying, or using illegal substances or weapons are prohibited. Necessary actions will be taken, if any such item is found on them.

Disciplinary Action for Misconduct or Excessive Missing Homework Assignments

First Step: An official warning will be given to the student. Second Step: Student will miss one or more recess periods. Third Step: Parents will be notified and a P/T conference will be held in the presence of the Imam.